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Additional Training Materials

Guidelines for Award letters
Admission Application Process International Graduate Students-17FS Enrollment
Admit Process International Graduate Students-17FS
Domestic-Guidelines for Award Letters-2018 Fall Enrollment
Domestic-Guidelines for Award Letters-17FS Enrollment
Domestic-GAS & UGA template
Domestic-GIA template
International-Guidelines for Award Letters-2018 Fall Enrollment
International-Guidelines for Award Letters-17FS Enrollment
International-GAS & UGA template
International-2018-19 GAS & UGA China template
International-2017-18 GAS & UGA China template
International-GIA template
International-2018-19 GIA China template
International-2017-18 GIA China template

Slate Resources

General Overview
Applicant Lifecycle
Slate Vocabulary

Responding to Inquiries
Finding Prospects in Slate

Creating Communications using Deliver
Creating Deliver Campaigns
Creating Deliver Templates

Handling Applications
Creating an Event
Using Query Templates
Modifying Queries
Modifying Queries Worksheet
Querying Test Scores
Sending Emails through Slate
Managing the Application Review process
Assigning to Reader Queues
Removing Readers from a Queues
Withdrawing Applications in Slate

Faculty Application Review
Reviewing Applications in Slate Reader

Policy Waivers in Slate
Admitting to a Different Program
Uploading Custom Decision Letters to Slate
Verifying and Releasing Decisions in Slate
How to Update Slate when Student Declines Offer via Email

Catalyst Resources
How to Enter International Awards in Catalyst
How to Enter Thesis/Nonthesis Option
Entering Candidacy Completion Dates in Catalyst